Show and tell

As you all know, I am here for a creative writing course. Therefore, I have been writing. What an amazing surprise!! I have turned in one piece and will be sharing a short example at my class that begins in about 30 minutes. This will probably bore you to death, but I just thought I would share the poem with you that I presented to my classmates and professor yesterday. When Mom reads this, I am sure she will identify with the situation.

If you feel like you want to, let me know what you think (good or bad). So, here goes:

by Michelle Newman

Take this here, take this there
Put it away.
Return it to the place it belongs.

But it longs to be used
To slice, to cut.
Not to lay dormant and unmoved.

Hallway dark and shadowed
Its cave hidden.
The journey too long to bear.

The shine of the metal
Glimmering so.
The handle fits perfect in the palm.

Fingers grasp the device
Holding firmly.
Walking, moving down the hallway.

Arriving so quickly
No time to think.
The weapon moves to its prey.

Sliding soft between blades
The plastic sheet.
A smooth slice is made in the curtain.

Stopping and listening
I did nothing.
There was no decision to make.

Shaken and afraid of -
Of punishment.
But it was not my choice.

Made to alter and cut
The job was done.
No fault of mine for its function served.

Left to its resting place
Fleeing the scene.
I am no culprit but an accessory to purpose.

That is my first poem in a very long time! I will probably clean it up a bit and maybe add a few more stanzas, but overall I am pretty happy with it. And if you don't know the backstory, the poem is based on a little incident when I was about 6 years old, and Mom had just purchased a brand new shower curtain. She had asked me to take the scissors and return them to a drawer in the bathroom. Upon arriving at the location, for some unknown reason, I cut the shower curtain - to Mom's serious dismay. The poem above is a recollection of that event. The assignment was to write about a childhood confession. Here I attempt to "confess" the shower curtain was cut, but I take no responsibility for the actual cutting. I blame it on the scissors. What a silly girl am I.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Hopefully there will be something a bit more substantial to share later!!!!


Ms. Obsessed said...

I think that's an EXCELLENT first shot at poetry. It didn't sound contrived or like you were TRYING to write poetry. (And trust me, I've read enough bad poetry to sense desperation when I read it.) I thought you did a fantastic job of conveying the "confession"--in fact, I surmised the whole incident before you explained the story. And since that was the whole point of the poem, I think you were successful! I could almost feel the smooth plastic being sliced (like buttah!) with the scissors. You did a great job of painting a picture with words. :) Brava!

Ellobie said...

Ha! I love it. :)

Lauren B said...

I agree with Darrah. You did a great job, without looking like you were 'trying' (almost Dr. Seuss like if you tried rhyming!). I think this is a great first step into creative writing! Great job lady!

Mike said...

Very cool girl. I'm impressed.

rebeccajean said...

Yay poems! I've been feeling the urge to try some more of that myself, lately.

By the way, I had to call a guy in London at work today. I almost asked him if he'd run into you while you were in the city. ;)

M said...

You guys are all so wonderful! Thanks so much. And D, thanks for saying you got the story before you saw my description. When I read it in class I gave a preface and screwed up by telling the story first. After that, we all wondered if we would get it if we didn't know the story. But I guess one can guess the narrative. YAY!!! And again, thank you everyone :) I'm so glad you don't think it's rubbish.

Ms. Obsessed said...

Tee hee...you said "rubbish."

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